Dover Walkers are Welcome


Walkers are certainly welcome in Dover. The town has a new status, Walkers are Welcome, and a new logo to display in and around town.

A campaign to bring this status to Dover was organised by Town Councillor Pam Brivio, aided particularly by Pat Sherratt. They had to collect over 2000 signatures from Dover residents and show that Dover was committed to welcoming walkers and providing appropriate facilities. The campaign was successful and Dover has now joined the Walkers are Welcome Association.

A ceremony to publicise the new status was hold at Dover Town Council Offices at the start of February. It was attended by the Mayor, Town Councillors, District Council Chairman and Councillors, members of the Dover Hotel and Guest House Group, members of the Licenced Victuallers Group, and representatives from walking groups, local amenity groups and Dover Greeters.< /p>

Pam Brivio, Dover's WAW group coordinator and a member of the White Cliffs Ramblers, said: "We have worked hard for Dover to get Walkers Are Welcome status. It really puts Dover on the walking map, and it means that Dover is the walking capital of the South East coast."

Dover is an important stopping point on various national and international trails. The countryside and the historical sites have so much to offer the walking visitor and enthusiastic local alike. The next major walking event organised in Dover will be the White Cliffs Walking Festival which is held at the end of each August.

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