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Lenham Meeting for Rights of Way volunteers… (LFOs., PFOs, Stile, Gate & Step installation, Vegetation Clearance). This invitation is open to anyone with an interest in where we walk. Friday 03 May 2019. Venue Lenham Community Centre 10:00-16:30 Booking essential. 01303 892252. Mob. 078157 617307

John Polden's Tuesday morning group spent most of December waymarking 3 footpaths in North Elham. HE81, HE82 and HE73. The latter is the Elham Valley Way where they all converge as they pass through the magnificent Hall Downs. 17 new wooden posts with brightly painted tops can be clearly seen from a distance. The definitive line of the path is clearly marked. In some places one has to wonder if that is the route our ancestors would have taken. Humans have a natural instinct to take the easiest and most direct route. In some areas the legal line is on a steep incline/decline depending on which way you are walking. Time will tell, but hopefully there will be no more 'lost' Duke of Edinburgh students and strangers wandering about 'off piste'.

With brambles and nettles on their winter holiday the focus has been on getting in lots of new gates and a few stiles for those who refuse to upgrade. 1 stile went in to Dover and 1 stile and 3 gates into Canterbury in January. February and March featured 15 new gates in Dover and Shepway including an ongoing project in Bushy Ruff. We cannot thank our donors enough for the financial donations we have received. Without these it would not have been possible to achieve so much.

There are an estimated 9 million walkers in the U.K. and Ramblers membership has been falling. The maintenance and campaigning work of Ramblers is carried out for everybody. More publicity aimed at non-members might persuade more of them to join to support us.

As I was about to start a walk the conversation was about collective nouns. Somebody asked if there was one for a group of Ramblers. The instant reply "of course there is………….it's a 'chatter' of Ramblers!" It went down well and started us all off on a damp Sunday morning with a smile on our faces.

Averil Brice

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white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers