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Due to restrictions due to Covid all path clearance activities were suspended in spring 2020, they were able to restart in the summer of 2021.

Some of the members, Averil and Steve, who were key to the Path Maintenance and Clearance activities decided that it was time for others to take up the mantle and stepped down from their roles.

Re-starting activities that have been suspended is a big challenge, but by working together and identifying willing volunteers a new vegetation clearance team is now in place.

Under the leadership of John Shale, with guidance from Averil and Steve as to how to go about the tasks and the needs to liaise with KCC, there is now a team of around 6 very enthusiastic volunteers. They go out on a weekly basis to clear paths based on information from KCC or if any Walk Leaders report problems when undertaking the recce for their walks.

Significant improvements to the White Cliffs Country Trail near Sutton and clearance of part of the Festival walk A Gentle Walk for Gentlefolk at Goodnestone are just a couple of the achievements already made by the team.

Currently the team are so productive that KCC are starting to have difficulty in finding enough to keep them busy, so if anyone comes across a problem please report it to KCC in the first instance and keep John Shale informed.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to assist with Vegetation Clearance activities please contact John Shale.

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers