Don't Lose Your Way Campaign

You may well be aware of the Ramblers' campaign to find and record as many routes not currently on the Definitive Map (i.e. not having legal status) before the cut-off date of 1 January 2026 - so just 5 years away now. Having asked volunteers to compare historic and current maps to discover what may have been lost over the years, it is claimed that over 49,000 miles of such routes exist. I have to say that I am very sceptical about this figure having looked at the map of routes identified, but I still think that a significant mileage is well worth pursuing. If you would like to look at thie map, go to this page (you will need to be registered with and sign into the site).

Local FP Officer (LFO) vacancies

I am very pleased to report that a member has agreed to be the LFO for the parishes of Eastry, Goodnestone, Nonington and Tilmanstone. But plenty more parishes are still available in the large area of countryside between Dover and Deal. Just choose your parish(es), and I'll be only too happy to give your more information.

Path change updates

Goodnestone EE487 - creation of new footpath at Knowlton finally confirmed.

First consulted on back in 2017, this creation of this path has at last been confirmed by an Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate. It runs south from Knowlton Court across the meadow and though woods to the Chillenden to Elvington road. A very useful link is thus created between footpath EE309, running from the Sandwich road at Nonington, and then onwards beyond Knowlton Court (via footpath EE260) towards Heronden and Eastry.

Eastry EE490 - creation of new bridleway in the Heronden area to be decided by written representations to the Planning Inspectorate

In September, KCC made the orders to create almost a mile of new bridleway in the SW of Eastry parish. This would run from Middle Heronden Farm, SE across Thornton Lane and Pike Road, to a newly-created BR just east of Fairview, Pike Road, Venson. However, objections have been received to the first 200 yards from Middle Heronden to Thornton Lane. So this section will now be decided on by an Inspector. The decision should be known some time in May.

Whitfield ER71/ER63 - diversion orders made in respect of new housing development

This diversion will affect footpaths ER71 and ER63 which run through the site of the new Whitfield housing development being built between Archers Court Road and the A256 dual carriageway. Fortunately this is a very small diversion, made essential only by the new house construction

Ripple footpath EE451(Hangman's Lane) - upgrading to bridleway status. But bringing with it the potential hazards of horses crossing the railway.

The final date for objections to this order was 21 December. I understand that there were a number of them, including one from Ripple Parish Council. We await KCC's reaction, but it seems likely that the Planning Inspectorate will have to decide on this one.

For more details of these and any other PROW issues, please contact Roger King on 01304 362730, or by email at

Addendum - Path issues still live but no "new news" this month

Orders made, but not yet confirmed (or rejected):

Woodnesborough EE226

This footpath runs south-west from the Sandwich bypass for more than ¾ mile to reach Foxborough Road south of Woodnesborough village. The order upgrades the route to bridleway status.

Sutton EE492

Running from the southern end of footpath EE403 on Willow Woods Road,southwards to join Roman Road (which leads to Studdal), the order will create a new 60 yard restricted byway here.

Sandgate HF8/HF56

Minor diversions here would essentially take account of the unavoidable rerouting due to approved new building off Military Road.

Capel ER171

Another diversion due to approved development at Tumble Tye Farm, where the path will rerouted further east.

Kingsdown ER273

This order would move the path (just west of East Bottom Farm) out of a horse paddock onto an adjacent enclosed path already in use. Objections were received, so the matter is with the Planning Inspectorate to be decided on written representations.

Coldblow Woods, Ripple EE489

This creation order will provide new PROW inside the NE, SE and NW edges of the Woods, situated between Walmer station and Ripple Mill.

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers