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Unfortunately the current pressure on KCC, due in large part to staff shortages, means that they are discouraging all direct contact with officers by phone or personal e-mail right now. But we are still encouraged to report any problems on their website at . I am assured that every new report is read and assessed within 24 hours, with anything really urgent being processed as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, you may have seen that on the outskirts of Ashford, KCC successfully prosecuted a developer who had obstructed a right of way, giving the lie to people who say they have no teeth.

Local FP Officer (LFO) vacancies

Just one more reminder to contact me if you feel you could be a Local FP Officer for any of the parishes in the large area of countryside between Dover and Deal. Just choose your parish(es).I'll be only too happy to give your more information.

Path change updates

Ripple footpath EE451(Hangman's Lane) - upgrading to bridleway status. But bringing with it the potential hazards of horses crossing the railway.

As you will know by now, we are talking about the order to upgrade footpath EE451, from the Ripple-Martin road via the Hangmans Lane track to Ringwould Road, SW of Ringwould village. BUT this section includes an at-grade railway crossing. Ripple Parish Council are planning an objection on safety grounds. If you would like to see the order, and possibly objectyourself- you will have until 21 December to do so - I will be happy to send it to you.

Woodnesborough EE226 - order now made for upgrading to bridleway status

Footpath EE226 runs south-west from the Sandwich bypass for more than ¾ mile to reach Foxborough Road south of Woodnesborough village. KCC examined the evidence in support of the claim and decided that it was sufficient for this formal upgrading order to be made. The effect will be to give riders more than just the option of retracing their steps alongside the bypass on bridleway ES8A, currently a cul-de-sac route for equestrians.

Sutton EE492 - order also now made to create a new restricted byway at Willow Woods in Sutton parish

KCC also accepted the evidence that this short 60 yard route should become a restricted byway. It runs from the southern end of footpath EE403 on Willow Woods Road,southwards to join Roman Road (which leads to Studdal), just south-east of the junction of these two roads.With a track already visible on the ground, this was always likely to have been a PROW, and it should be in reality by early next year.

Hythe HB87 - creation of new footpath south of Hythe High Street now confirmed

This order has created a new 60-yard public footpath leading southwards off Hythe High Streetat about its halfway point. The path, which already exists on the ground, terminates on a branch of Prospect Road, the main part of which is the A259 trunk road.

For more details of these and any other PROW issues, please contact Roger King on 01304 362730, or by email at

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers