Goodnestone parish - revised order to create new footpath EE487 southwards from Knowlton Court

As mentioned last month, the Inspector agreed in December that sufficient evidence exists to justify the creation of this path. But, the evidence also supported a slightly different route from the one proposed by KCC. So a revised creation order was issued in early January which should hopefully see the path established in law by March. To remind you once again of its route: at its southern end, the path would leave the Chillenden to Barfrestone road at the T- junction opposite footpath EE309, and run north-eastwards along a track through woods. Beyond the woods, the route would continue in the same direction across the Estate meadows as far as the public road into Knowlton Court, very close to the start of footpath EE260 which heads towards Eastry.

Walmer ED36/ED58 - minor diversions through the new development off Station Road, Walmer, now confirmed

Footpath ED36 runs from Station Road, Walmer,directly SW to Cold Blow Crossing. Meanwhile bridleway ED58 runs directly south from Mayers Road. The order to make minor diversions to both routes, mostly along green corridors through the new housing development, has now been confirmed. However, it won't come into force until the development is completed and KCC can certify that the new routes are in order and fit for purpose.

Meanwhile, ED36 is still closed until December 2022 under a Traffic Regulation Order while the building work is taking place. And ED58 may also be subject to short periods of closure, although it will normally remain open.

ER171 - diversion at Tumble Tye Farm, Capel - order now made

Planning permission was granted (in March 2019) at Tumble Tye Farm, in the north of Capel parish, for a new milking parlour and buildings to house cows. As a result, an order has been made to divert footpath ER171 which would route it further east, away from these new buildings and the Farm. This would run from the junction with footpath ER233 to the south, via a new crossing point at Hockley Sole Lane near the Farm, to rejoin the existing route of footpath ER171 north-east of the Farm. Happily this proposed change should not inconvenience walkers in any material way.

Proposal to divert Sandgate footpaths HF8 and HF56 near Martello Tower no.6 and Military Road

We are currently being consulted about:(a) a short extinguishment of part of HF8 (with an alternative route created) due to new housing, from Military Road south to the junction with HF56 (just NE of Martello Tower No.6). Also (b) a very minor adjustment to the route around Martello Tower No.6, "to allow improvements to the footpath to be made without affecting the potential archaeological area within the 2m buffer zone of the Scheduled Ancient Monument". Neither seems at all contentious.

Temporary closure to motor vehicles of Alkham byways ER25 and ER185

Due to damage to the surface caused by motor vehicles, the whole lengths of (a) byway ER185 from its junction with the Alkham Valley Road north-westwards to Little Everden Road; and (b) byway ER25 from its junction with ER185 northwards to Slip Lane, have been temporarily closed to vehicular traffic (except motor cycles). This closure took effect on 20 January and will last for up to 6 months.

Worth footpath EE456 - temporary closures extended

The two affected sections of this path south-east of the village between restricted byway EE243, and bridleway EE233, which follows the Delph Stream, will now remain closed until 17 May - BUT there are signed alternative routes very close by.

**Don't forget that on the KCC online maps, path subject to temporary closure are shown in red.

Meanwhile (issues referred to in previous updates)

Meanwhile the other claimed new route near Knowlton Court, plus those at Coldblow Woods, Ripple,and off Hythe High Street; also the proposed diversions at Kingsdown (ER273), Barville Road, Tilmanstoneand Great Brooksend, Birchington, all remain live, but there is no "new news" on them this month.

For more details of these and any other PROW issues, please contact Roger King on 01304 362730, or by email at

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers