Goodnestone parish - creation of new footpath EE487 southwards from Knowlton Court a step closer

The evidence on both sides regarding this claim for a new footpath was examined by an Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate during the autumn, and his report has just been published. In his mind there is no doubt that there are sufficient grounds to support the creation. However, the key documents from the 19th century show the route of the path to be slightly different from the one proposed. This means that the revised proposal will have to be publicly readvertised. No real danger of the path's not being created, but it will mean a delay.

Just to remind you of its route: at its southern end, the path would leave the Chillenden to Barfrestone road at the T- junction opposite footpath EE309, and run north-eastwards along a track through woods. Beyond the woods, the route would continue in the same direction across the Estate meadows as far as the public road into Knowlton Court, very close to the start of footpath EE260 which heads towards Eastry.

Changes to Tilmanstone footpaths EE400/EE400A at Barville Road

The order has now been made to officially divert footpaths EE400 and EE401, which currently cross busy Barville Road from north to south within 70 yards of each other. If confirmed, EE400 heading southwards will be diverted SE to meet parallel path EE401 and use its crossing point, which has a better line of sight. This will render EE400A (south of Barville Road) redundant, since EE401A (the southward continuation of EE401) is a well-established track only just to the east, and a better route to Barville Farm. As little-used EE400A crosses two field boundaries and passes very close to some farm cottages, this seems quite reasonable.

To create new footpath south of Hythe High Street

We are currently being consulted about a claim for a new 60-yard public footpath which would lead southwards off Hythe High Streetat about its halfway point. The path, which already exists on the ground, terminates on a branch of Prospect Road, the main part of which is the A259 trunk road. If you have any knowledge of the history of this path, and/or have used it yourself, I should be interested to hear your comments as soon as possible.

Temporary closure of Whitfield footpath ER182 (north of the A2) extended

This path leads southwards from Singledge Lane, and down to the A2 crossing point via a grassy slope. Since the whole field it crosses is currently being covered with new houses, it was appropriate to close the path on a temporary basis. We have just learnt that closure has been extended for a further year, until 4 February 2021.

Meanwhile (issues referred to in previous updates)

Meanwhile the otherclaimed new route near Knowlton Court, plus that at Coldblow Woods, Ripple; also the proposed diversions at TumbleTye, Capel; Kingsdown (ER273)and Great Brooksend, Birchington, all remain live, but there is no "new news" on them this month.

For more details of these and any other PROW issues, please contact Roger King on 01304 362730, or by email at

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers