Inland Clearance Facility at Guston

Apparently there has been a little work on the site, and White Cliffs members are usefully keeping a watch on the situation. Then in mid-March came the news that opening has been put back from 1 July to at least 1 January 2022, due to "the government's decision to postpone the introduction of full import controls on goods arriving from the EU until next year".

Hythe Ranges Path

With the current new sea defence and other works, the Dymchurch Redoubt (western end) exit from this path along the seaward edge of Hythe Ranges has been blocked recently. It is not a right of way, but it is a very attractive walk. The situation is being monitored, and it is hoped it will reopen (on non-firing days) in the normal way before too long. If not, we know of some Army contacts that might be able to help.

Paths across Royal St George's Golf Club and the Golf Open tournament in July

This issue was raised on the White Cliffs Facebook pages recently, when an information sheet (link below) was spotted by a member. I was reassured by Heather Waller (KCC PROW) that she was aware of the situation, and that only footpath EE231, the Saxon Shore Way, would be closed for any length of time - 6 April to 20 August. An alternative route to the north using the Stour Valley Walk (EE230), albeit that much longer, will remain open at all times.

New Parish FP Observers (PFOs)?

PFO Co-ordinator Richard Frith very recently indicated to me that he was hopeful of appointing up to four new PFOs in the not-too-distant future. This is in addition to the very new appointment of a PFO for Newington parish. If you are interested in joining this network of very local, but very valuable volunteers, there are still vacant parishes, so please contact Richard on for further details.

Proposed diversion of footpath TR47 (Ramsgate) by Dame Janet School, Newington Road

Diversion of this path is being sought because it runs between the sites of two adjacent schools fronting the northernmost section of Newington Road. Moving the path west of the schools to exit onto Stirling Way would benefit the schools themselves and provide the public (we are told) with a new, lighted, access path to the Jackey Baker Recreation Ground.

Other PROW Issues

The Ramsgate TR47 diversion consultation has been the only new item received from KCC in this much quieter than usual month.

Ripple footpath EE451(Hangman's Lane) - upgrading to bridleway status..

the issue of whether this FP should be upgraded to bridleway will be decided by the Planning Inspectorate.

Reminder of orders made, but not yet confirmed (or rejected):

Ripple/Ringwould EE446A.

This order will extend this presently cul-de-sac right of way (just NE of Ripple Mill) from the parish boundary SW to Coldblow Road. The whole new route will have restricted bridleway status.

Ripple EE451 (Hangman's Lane).

The issue of whether this FP should be upgraded to bridleway will be decided by the Planning Inspectorate.

Woodnesborough EE226

This footpath runs south-west from the Sandwich bypass for more than ¾ mile to reach Foxborough Road south of Woodnesborough village. The order upgrades the route to bridleway status.

Whitfield ER71/ER63

Minor diversions of these paths through the new housing development between Archers Court Road and the A256 bypass.

Sandgate HF8/HF56

Minor diversions here would essentially take account of the unavoidable rerouting due to approved new building off Military Road.

Capel ER171

Another diversion due to approved development at Tumble Tye Farm, where the path will rerouted further east.

Kingsdown ER273

This order would move the path (just west of East Bottom Farm) out of a horse paddock onto an adjacent enclosed path already in use. Objections were received, so the matter is with the Planning Inspectorate to be decided on written representations.

Coldblow Woods, Ripple EE489

This creation order will provide new PROW inside the NE, SE and NW edges of the Woods, situated between Walmer station and Ripple Mill.

For more details of these and any other PROW issues, please contact Roger King on 01304 362730, or by email at

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white cliffs ramblers
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