Proposed changes to Tilmanstone footpaths EE400/EE400A at Barville RoadOP0

Footpaths EE400 and EE401 currently cross busy Barville Road from north to south within 70 yards of each other. It is proposed that EE400 heading southwards should be diverted SE to meet parallel path EE401 and use its crossing point, which has a better line of sight. This would render EE400A (south of Barville Road) redundant, since EE401A (the southward continuation of EE401) is a well-established track only just to the east, and a better route to Barville Farm. As little-used EE400A crosses two field boundaries and passes very close to some farm cottages, this would seem to be a reasonable proposal.

Temporary closure of St Margaret's footpath ER40

The section of this path running north from the South Foreland lighthouse to Lighthouse Road, will be closed for up to 6 months from 10 October , "because works are planned on or near it" - the most common reason for a temporary closure.The alternative route will be via parallel Sea View Road, just to the east.

Temporary closure of routes immediately south of the A20

Restricted Byway ER225 (Hougham) and Bridleways EB18 and EB19 (Dover), from the old Folkestone Road at Capel,east to the access road to Samphire Hoe, are now closed until the New Year. These routes run for much of their way immediately south of the A20 dual carriageway, and are effectively the Dover-Folkestone cycle track. The good news is that the footpath nearer the cliff edge - the North Downs Way and Coastal Path - remains open

Short-term temporary closure of Kingsdown bridleway ER23

The enclosed northern section of this bridleway, from its terminus at The Avenue, south to the junction with the next PROW, bridleway ER24, will be closed from 12 October for the rest of the month. Walkers should use parallel Victoria Road instead, and double back along bridleway ER24 if aiming for Kingsdown Woods.

Meanwhile (issues referred to in previous updates)

Footpath ED36 off Station Road, Walmer is still closed due to the house building. Meanwhile the two claimed new routes near Knowlton Court, plus those at Coldblow Woods and Sandgate; also the proposed diversions at Poulton Farm, Hougham, TumbleTye, Capel, and Great Brooksend, Birchington, all remain live, but there is no "new news" on them this month

For more details of these and any other PROW issues, please contact Roger King on 01304 362730, or by email at

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers