Change of status (ER218), and diversion order (ER218A) at Poulton Farm, Hougham

After the failure of KCC's original plans for this area last December, things have now moved on at Poulton Farm, Hougham - near the banger racing track at the top of Coombe Valley.

Firstly, a section of byway open to all traffic (including motor vehicles) ER218 just west of Poulton Farm, was downgraded to bridleway status in March. This was followed by a diversion order for this new bridleway section - now designated part of existing bridleway ER218A which runs through and to the east of Poulton Farm. The plan is to provide a replacement bridleway to the north, away from some new development, and back in an arc to the original alignment just east of the Farm.

The importance of this proposal is that if it comes about, we will for the first time have a legal connection between the east-west route through Poulton Farm, and nearby footpath ER189, which connects directly onwards to Alkham village westwards, and St Radigund's Abbey eastwards. To have this as a definitive route at last would be a major benefit to walkers.

HE199 - diversion at Hawkinge Cemetery confirmed

The order to divert this path around the western edges of a new burial plot area on the western side of Hawkinge Cemetery has been confirmed. This minor change should have no real impact on walkers. However, the diversion will not actually come into force until the works at the cemetery are completed, and KCC has approved the new path as fit for purpose.

ER171 - proposed diversion at Tumble Tye Farm, Capel

Planning permission has been granted at Tumble Tye Farm, in the north of Capel parish, for a new milking parlour and buildings to house cows.As a result, a diversion of footpath ER171 is proposed which would route it further east, away from these new buildings and the Farm. This would run from the junction with footpath ER233 to the south, via a new crossing point in the lane near the Farm, to rejoin the existing route of footpath ER171 north-east of the Farm. On the face of it, walkers would not be inconvenienced by this proposed change.

Walmer ED36/ED58 - temporary closure through the new development off Station Road, Walmer

Footpath ED36 runs from Station Road, Walmer,directly SW to Cold Blow Crossing. Like bridleway ED58, which runs south from Mayers Road,it is subject to a diversion order as yet unconfirmed, as a result of building the new houses.Meanwhile, ED36 is currently closed under a Traffic Regulation Order while the work is taking place. ED58 may also be subject to short periods of closure, but will normally remain open.

Worth footpath EE456 - temporary closures

Also temporarily closed for the rest of 2019 (for "works") are two sections of this path south-east of the village between restricted byway EE243, and bridleway EE233, which follows the Delph Stream. We are told that signed alternative routes will be provided nearby.


Meanwhile, (referred to in previous updates) the two claimed new routes near Knowlton Court, plus those at Coldblow Woods in Walmer, Singledge Lane at Whitfield, and inHythe; also the proposed diversion of Birchington TM35/35A (Great Brooksend)all remain live, but there is no "new news" on them this month.

For more details of these and any other PROW issues, please contact Roger King on 01304 362730, or by email at

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white cliffs ramblers
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