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Margaret Lubbock - Memorial Ceremony

Ist July, 2021

The Pines Calyx, St Margaret's at Cliffe has provided a stunning backdrop for a memorial ceremony to celebrate the life of Margaret Lubbock


The ceremony was hosted by Margaret's son and daughter, Roderick and Rosemary, and was attended by her sister and brother, other family members and friends - including a contingent from White Cliffs Ramblers. Due to Covid restrictions continuing to be in place this left the family in the unenviable position of having to reduce the original guest list. We know that many of you will have been disappointed at not being able to attend in person. However, on your behalf, Tony Bristow recounted some of your words in his tribute to Margaret.

A Ramblers National Volunteer Award, dedicated to Margaret as presented to Roderick and Rosemary, and each was given a copy of a photobook sharing our memories of a dear friend. Thanks must go to John Grace for his excellent work in compiling the photos and words. Judging by the smiles on the faces of Margaret's family as they were flicking through the pages this was a great success.

(We also arranged to have a copy printed for the Group).

As the ceremony drew to a close Margaret's ashes were interred in the grounds of Pines Calyx and a rose (called 'Margaret Merril') was planted in her memory. Doubtless we will be passing by this spot on a walk in the not too distant future.

In concluding his tribute, Tony recounted the words that have often appeared in the White Cliffs Walking Festival booklets:

Don't walk behind me,
Don't walk in front of me,
Walk beside me and be my friend.

Margaret, it was a privilege and a pleasure to walk beside you…

Tony Bristow
Acting Chairman