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Walk Start Via Author Mile Shape Map

Park at the Red Lion, if eating; else park in layby. Sheldwich Margaret Milsted-Williams 6.8 Circular

Park at the Red Lion, if eating; else park in layby Country walk Margaret Milsted-Williams 4.8 Circular
Breach Down

Layby on Elham Valley Road Bossingham Margaret Lubbock 10.0 Circular
Breach Down

Layby on Elham Valley Road Elham Margaret Lubbock 10.0 Circular

Brice Avenue, Shalmsford Street Boughton Chris B 12.7 Circular

Village Martin Gavin Trevelyan 10.8 Circular

Western Heights Capel Gavin Trevelyan 11.4 Circular
Farthing common

Car park Hamlet of Bridge Green Les Preston 11.0 Circular

Marlow Meadows, park on road, Fordwich side. Herne Chris Boucher 12.0 Circular

Park in Marlow Meadows Bridge Chris B 11.2 Circular

Car park next to the village hall Stodmarsh Tony Bristow 6.0 Circular
Lower Halstow

Lapwing Drive, approaching the barge Saxon Shore Way Margaret Milsted-Williams 4.9 Circular
Lower Halstow

Lapwing Drive approaching the barge Upchurch Margaret Milsted-Williams 4.5 Circular

Village hall car park Densole Gavin Trevelyan 12.0 Circular
Minnis Bay, Birchington

The Parade, on the sea front Reculver Tony Bristow 5.2 Circular

Opposite Royal Oak pub Tony Bristow 5.6 Circular

Guildhall English coast Path Gavin Trevelyan 8.5 Circular

Start from Walmer Station Tony Bristow 5.0 Circular
Westwood near Six Mile Garage

Free NT Car par Lyminge Les Preston 10.0 Circular

Car park Grove Ferry Gavin Trevelyan 11.3 Circular

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