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Paperless is easy and simple if you use the Ramblers App. Once you have downloaded the App and registered, using smart phone or tablet, using your Ramblers membership number your details are retained so automatically logs you in when you open (no log in details or passwords to remember!!)

When you open the Ramblers App the homepage automatically loads the next 5 White Cliffs Ramblers walks for you to see. Even better is that the information is the most up to date in relation to details for the walks, not like out of date paper versions of Walk Programmes!!

Other benefits of using the Ramblers App are;- - You can find the details of all the led walks for White Cliffs Ramblers - You can find the details of all of the led walks in you area (other groups) or across the entire country. - You can see routes of other non-led walks.

John Pye

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers