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GOING 'PAPERLESS' November 2020

Terry Pratchett was Going Postal, you may have read this Discworld book or seen the TV programme with David Jason, however, White Cliffs Ramblers are doing the opposite - Going Paperless

Postage is an expense to the Group which we may not be able to afford going forward and also there is a lot of effort involved in printing, stuffing envelopes and getting them to the post office. In the future as volumes fall, postage may get even more expensive. Aside from the cost and effort, a 4-monthly printed newsletter is not responsive enough to bring you current news and alert you to what is happening in the group. An electronic newsletter will be faster to produce and there would not be such a delay in getting it to you as is currently imposed by the printing and posting process.

The big question for White Cliffs Ramblers is whether we create an electronic newsletter that can be emailed to members, whether we have the same newsletter but make it downloadable only or whether we rely solely on web content. A subsidiary question is how we communicate with those who are unable to access electronic communications. It is important for us to restrict this secondary method to those who do not have the ability to receive email or access web pages rather than those who just prefer a paper copy

Your committee are actively considering these matters and would welcome opinions and suggestions from others. The two processes will run in tandem for a while to check for any issues that need resolving and our aim is to make the change by November 2020 as notified at the 2019 AGM.

Jim Cheney

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers
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