COVID-19 - Poems by Diana

Corona Living

What are you doing Ramblers, while the nation's staying in?
You could learn a foreign language or to play the violin.
Or if you want group culture, just get yourselves on Zoom, And join a choir or book-group from within your living room.
You could form a starter business selling loo roll sheet by sheet, Or distil hand-sanitiser, that would be a useful feat.

But outside in the sunshine, air pollution falls at last, British Airways, Virgin, EasyJet are going nowhere fast.
So give the lungs a workout, step outdoors one by one, Maintaining social distancing and get some recces done!


...when Covid 19 ends

Greetings White Cliffs Ramblers, I hope this finds you well,
Despite self-isolation, our programme shot to hell.
We can wander lonely as a cloud, but only close to home,
And take the dog out walking, but do not let him roam.
And should we try some shopping - extraordinary scenes!
It's a good job we've got queuing imprinted in our genes.

But outdoors nature's on the move, lambs leaping, flowers bloom,
Bees droning, gardens growing, birdsong dispels the gloom.
So get out in the sunshine, shout 'hello' to your friends,
We'll walk together once again when Covid 19 ends.


white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers