Our walks programme comes out three times a year, which means that each September. January and May,Anne and Tony start collecting walks for the next programme. Tony and Anne are the walks co-ordinators; walk leaders are those in the group who will plan and lead walks. Every-one is encouraged to lead one or more walks in each programme.

The details needed are as per those set out in your copy of the current programme. We hope to be able to put on an easy 4 mile walk the first Sunday in each month which will encourage those who are new to walking or recovering from illness to get walking. We would welcome a few Thursday short walks for those who have other priorities on Sundays but for whom a long walk on Thursday is not an alternative. We would also like some walks starting from train stations or on a bus route as walkers can find difficulty getting to the start of walks when they are all from car parks.

If you have not led before but are interested in doing so and feel that with encouragement and practical assistance you could, then please contact Tony or Anne , or see list of committee members on the back cover of the programme. Alternatively you may feel comfortable enlisting the support of an experienced leader you know well. You may have completed the Navigation and Map Reading Course recently and wish to try out the knowledge and skills you've gained, perhaps aided by one of the Mentors from the list you were given.


We are also collecting items for the next Newsletter. So if you have anything burning to say regarding rambling generally or have been involved in one of our Ramblers events or other interesting walks, or are planning an event for group members, please send it to us with photo if available. As we have limited space within the programme a limit of 500 words works well.

Please may we have your responses, as requested in the programme, by 29th September or as soon as possible thereafter. Our email addresses: or

Many thanks in anticipation of impressive responses.

Anne & Tony

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers