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7 of us completed this 13 mile walk in brightening weather, arriving in Canterbury by 4pm.

Lunch was at the Mermaid Inn, Bishopsbourne. The food was excellent and fair value for money for the quality.

I took care to book the lunch stop with the pub before putting the walk in the programme and to visit the pub again during my walk out last week. We also all took off our boots before entering.

The landlord has a poor opinion of walkers in general as he thinks they call just to use the facilities and spend little money. He can appear quite rude with anyone he feels is doing this - however, we left on good terms, making sure that he knew we were from White Cliffs Ramblers and that we don't behave like that - indeed he said to be sure to specify White Cliffs in future as he now has a good opinion of us!

I would definitely go there again - the location is good for the Elham Valley Way and the food is definitely worth a visit - indeed, I met Daryl in there last week on my walk out. But walk leaders need to be aware that you have to handle the landlord with care and keep up the good name of White Cliffs!

Andrew Swarbrick

white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers
white cliffs ramblers